Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and save our resources in many ways. It takes 95% less energy to make a new one from a recycled can. In addition the can you recycle today could be back as a new can in 60-90 days! If you take them to the recycling place yourself, please make certain that our treasurer, receives the money by calling or contacting any officer or Board Member. At last drop off they were giving 39 cents per lb., so we need lots of aluminum-only cans or other pure aluminum. Remember to bring your aluminum cans to a meeting or make other arrangements. The proceeds will be used to augment local wildlife rescue centers.  Collect and bring your cleaned aluminum cans to our next meeting.


The Audubon Center for the Birds of Prey admits lots of baby birds in the spring and adults other times of the year.. A state of the art incubator for the eggs brought in and the staff feeds babies using a puppet and recordings of adult sounds to prevent the birds from imprinting on adults so the birds may be released as soon as possible. The Center uses the money earned from the sale of these stamps to stamp collectors to care for these precious birds.

Remove Stamps from envelopes and send  to:

Highlands County Audubon Society 

P.O. Box 814

Lake Placid, FL 33862

Attention: Stamps for Eagles

Our Purpose is to promote an understanding of wildlife and the environment that supports it, encouraging the protection of all species of flora, fauna, and marine life, and promote the sensible use of natural resources.

Our Purpose

Miriam Beck Memorial Scholarship Award

Miriam was a teacher, naturalist and journalist from whom Highlands County Audubon inherited her home located in Lake Placid. The home was sold several years ago, funds invested, and the Board of Directors established an annual award for teachers in her memory utilizing some of the proceeds.

Highlands County Audubon Society, Inc.

"The Voice of Conservation"

Highlands County Audubon Society (HCAS) was founded in 1960. Sparked by Carol Beck and Phyllis Hyatt to join with Florida Audubon Society to educate and aid in conserving natural ecosystems and help with the conservation of the Bald Eagle.

HCAS continues to provide conservation leaders and educational opportunities through monthly programs, bi-monthly field trips, newsletters, advocacy and volunteer activities.

Funds are raised each year to provide the Audubon Adventure programs to 4th grade teachers in Highlands County, initially 5, now numbering 45.  Every year since 2000, a scholarship has been awarded to a local educator to attend an Audubon Ecology Camp.  HCAS maintains a booth at the Highlands Hammock's State Park CCC Festival, the Lake Placid Arts & Crafts Country Fair and several other events over the years, to inform the public of our activities, conservation issues and encourage membership in Audubon.

Beginning in 1987, members have participated in the official annual Lake Placid Audubon Christmas Bird Count in conjunction with Archbold Biological Station.  Our Conservation Committee monitors and takes action on local, state, and national conservation issues to provide sound solutions.

Achieving a non-profit status in 1989, HCAS continues to welcome gifts to our Memorial Trust Fund in order to further opportunities, to educate, and inform citizens in Highlands County of the importance of wildlife conservation and ecological preservation.  By being an Audubon member, you are supporting our efforts in shaping the future of Florida and protecting our precious environment.