President                 Dale Gillis                 863-382-4630

Vice President         Jim Upchurch          301-401-5615

Secretary                  Fran Rolston            863-465-0038

Treasurer                 Susan Volpetti

Conservation           Dale Gillis                 863-382-4630

Education                 David Forman         954-695-2008

Field Trips                 Roberta Lake           863-599-0124

Membership            Carol Smart              863-699-5552

Stamps for Eagles   Margaret Gleave    863-465-2889

Website                     Roberta Lake            863-599-0124

Photo by Anne Bellenger


For issues of interest contact

Dale Gillis                         863-382-4830

or any Officer or Board member


FIELD TRIPS ‚Äč - Roberta

If you belong in another state and wish to receive our newsletter you may send a donation of $15.00 to be placed on our mailing list. Please send name address and phone number to :


Highlands County Audubon

P.O. Box 814

Lake Placid, Fl 33862


For new member only - Log onto which is the National Audubon Society website. Follow the link to becoming a new member. You will have a 3-way membership with National Audubon, Audubon of Florida and Highlands County Audubon

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