Education Needs Our Help!

Audubon Adventures brings science to life for children wherever they live! Each school year, our Chapter offers an Audubon Adventures kit to each 4th grade (or 3rd or 5th) classroom teacher in Highlands County. Last year we supplied 44 kits to County and Christian schools. Funds are generated through Birdathon donations. Audubon Adventures is a professionally developed environmental education program for children in grades 3 to 6, offered by National Audubon since 1984. Reading and writing lessons in science and the environment are provided by presenting basic, scientifically accurate facts about birds, wildlife, and their habitats. Each kit contains 4 different editions with 32 student nature newspapers and supporting materials for the teacher to utilize—a real bargain!.

To Explore the Natural World, Audubon reports the title of our newest kit is “Sharing Our World With Birds!." Students will receive 4 magazines : ·

  • Seabirds:Feathered Ocean Travelers (starring Project Puffin) ·
  • Hooray For Hummingbirds ·
  • Raptors: The Birds of Prey ·
  • Caring For Our Planet: Join in the Action!

Each issue contains fun activities, high interest content, and hopeful messages.

YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in providing an AUDUBON ADVENTURE kit through sponsoring one or more classes at $46.00 per class kit or contributing toward a class – any amount is welcome! Friends, relatives, anyone can contribute to this worthy cause! Give in honor or memory of someone, Our Birdathon will begin mid-March and you may choose to give a certain amount per bird species as seen by the teams. The total number of species seen during our Birdathon week last year, reported by 4 teams, was 116 species - you may give a nickel to $1 or more per species. You may like to count birds in your own back yard and give so much per species or bird. Have fun determining your amount. A donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

Please help! Ask friends and neighbors to help this worthy cause! The kits are being ordered the first of January for this year and the teachers will be receiving them shortly. If you are interested in being on the Education Committee and checking with the teachers for their input, please contact David or Helen . OUR GOAL IS $1800 FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Send your contribution to:

Treasurer Highlands County Audubon

P.O. Box 814

Lake Placid, Fl 33862