Aluminum Cans – Dale Gillis or H. Obenchain

Conservation – Dale Gillis

Newsletter Editor - Carol Smart

Education – David Forman

Field Trips - Roberta Lake

Historian – Helen Obenchain


Membership List – Carol Smart


Stamps for Eagles - Margaret Gleave

Scholaship - Julie Henderson

Directors: 2017 -2019

David Forman

Roberta Lake

Steve Blair

Sue Njus

Directors - 2016 - 2018

Tom Delaney

Paula Blair

Marilyn Johnson

Julie Henderson

Officers: 2017 - 2019 

Dale Gillis, President

Jim Upchurch, Vice-President 

Susan Volpitta, Treasurer

Fran Rolston, Secretary



Board Members - Missing from photo Tom Delaney  

Bottom Row from left to right:  Marilyn Johnson, Roberta Lake, Susan Volpitta, David Forman, Julie Henderson, Fran Rolston, Paula Blair

Top Row from left to right:  Dale Gillis, Sue Njus, Jim Upchurch, Steve Blair