Wednesday, November 29, 2017 -Myakka River State Park.  This amazing trip garnered 62 species by the end of day.  Kudos to Fran Rolston for guiding us throughout the park.  One very interesting part of the trip was the climb up the observation tower.  Looking down below a wood stork was viewed in flight.  Lunch was at Mary Margaret's Tea Room.  Good trips like this will probably be repeated next season.

Photos and Accounts Fall of 2017 -

Saturday, November 25, 2017-Lake-June-In-Winter Scrub State Park near Lake Placid. The day started out foggy so we drove slow looking for birds. We spotted a few but not too many. When the fog lifted we saw more. Our species count neared 40 by the end of the trip. The photos posted are not all birds. I especially liked the beetle pushing the dung. As we were leaving the state park a family of scrub jays put on a show for us.  Such a grand and beautiful bird that is as friendly as can be.

Friday, September 29, 2017  A beautiful day to go birding.  We started at the north end of Lake Okeechobee at Jaycee Park.  The pier was unharmed by Hurricane Irma but it was evident that water surges had left a considerable amount of litter.  The birds we observed did not seem to mind the litter.  We left Jaycee Park and headed toward Okeetanti where a different view of the lake showed similar litter.  However, this park had so much tree debris we were only able to go to the airboat launch area.  Once again the birds did not mind the destruction.  Note in some of the photos the broken or bare branches the birds are perched on.  Our final destination was the end of the Harney Pond boat ramp and picnic area.  To our disappointment the road was closed half way to our destination of the end pavilion where we traditionally see our largest amount of water birds and picnic but it was not accessible.  We were forced to cut our birding trip short and head back to Lake Placid.  We stopped at the Seminole Brighton Casino for lunch.  After lunch Maggie won at one of the slot machines so we left.  Always leave a winner and my advice to her is to not return.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017​ 
Today started out with a drive down to Lake Placid Tower to wait on possible attendees for our trip with Dr. Paul Gray to Scrub Pens Road and Istokpoga Park. No one showed but I did get several cancellation messages. Then on to Church of the Brethren in Lorida to await other possible attendees. Once again no one showed. I'm confident that had our weather been better we would be over-run with birders and non-birders alike. I did manage to get photos of some woodpeckers while waiting.
Our next trip is October 13th. We are scheduled to drive north to Lake Apopka Loop Trail. This too may not be possible. Keep checking back here or on our website for conformation. ( The last information was that the road around the lake was closed due to flooding

​December 7, 2017 - Christmas Party at Cowpokes Watering Hole, Sebring This year's Christmas party increased in attendees.   Welcome back to some and don't forget to bring a friend when we have other events.  Once again we collected donations of food and money for the local Humane Society.  Some of the photos show people hard at work coloring birds for a contest.  Other photos are yet to come and will be added when received.  I really enjoyed singing the Christmas Carols.  Thanks to Steve Lake for buying  desserts to celebrate his wife's birthday.  See you next year!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 General Meeting at Lake Josephine Baptist Church.  Our guest speaker, Butch Wilson, curator of the Clewiston Museum drew a very nice crowd.  He brought with him artifacts to share.  His presentation on prehistoric Florida informed and entertained us.  The photo is of Butch showing Carly Althoff of FWC one of his specimens.  Join us for one of our meetings.  See the Calendar for speakers, dates, and times.

Butch Wilson and Carly Althoff

Saturday, November 11, 2017 CCC Festival at Highlands Hammock State Park.  This year's festival was outstanding.  Congratulations to all Park Employees and Volunteers for getting the park up and running after Hurricane Irma.  Our booth was managed from 7:15 AM until 4:00 PM by the following members; Steve Blair, Vaughn Whiteside, Bob Hummel, Maggie Ledbetter, Julie Henderson, Marilyn Johnson, Dale Gillis, and Roberta Lake.  We sold for donations many of Vaughn's beautiful plants.  We sold patches, pins, tee-shirts, and bumper-stickers for donations.  We met many nice folks from all over and hope that they join us again for an event.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - Sebring Arts Festival ​ - A long day for our volunteers but a great day for promoting our society.  Kudos to Jim Upchurch for his amazing photos and the ability to explain each one.  Thank you to everyone and with a few adjustments it will be even better next year.  Our next festival is CCC at Highlands Hammock State Park.  Come back to view photos of the Arts Festival.

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - Kissimmee Prairie State Park with Dr. Paul Gray. The weather was spectacular.  Our small group of 12 was enthralled with all the information Dr. Gray offered us.  Janet reported 32 species.  We did not cover the entire area but what we did cover was productive. 

The once numerous grasshopper sparrow was sadly reported to be in grave danger.

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Thanks to all who contributed photos.  James Brogdon, Sue Corbett (amazing photo of the meadowlark), and R Lake.

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